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FTP on App Engine

The other day someone asked me how to use FTP on App Engine. Since version 1.1.7 App Engine supports outbound sockets, meaning we can simply use ftplib to access an FTP site. Here’s some psudo-ish code:

# Open an FTP connection ftp = FTP(‘ftp.somesite.com’) ftp.login() ftp.set_pasv(True)

# List the files in a folder. files = [] try: files = self.ftp.nlst(some_folder) except error_perm, resp: if str(resp) == ‘550 No files found’: logging.info(‘Directory is empty.’) else: raise

# Download a single binary file: file = StringIO.StringIO() ftp.retrbinary(‘RETR %s%s’ % (self.zip_folder, self.zip_filename), file.write)

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The inaugural APAC CreativeLab5 [2015].

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Technology at home that actually works

Sometimes there are wonderful moments in technology like this:

I’m sitting in my living room listening to music on Google play, cast to an audio only Chromecast in my living room (no TV attached).

Jordann sees an album cover of the song I cast on my phone and asks what it is. “It looks like Pandora opening her box”, I say.

"Who is Pandora"?

I take out my phone and say, “Okay Google.” Pause. “The story of Pandora for kids.”

A second later I have search results with a YouTube video.

I click the video and cast it to the TV room across the house for her to watch.

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